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Every termite species needs four things to survive: food, shelter, optimal temperature and moisture. Precisely what your home or commercial property can provide them with.

All homes have wood elements and are therefore vulnerable to attack. Termites cause a lot of unseen problems, and their existence can go unnoticed until they have already created thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Pro Termites offers a professional pest inspection service of all areas of your property to determine the presence of active termites or termite attacks.

In addition to their extensive training and experience, our experts use their local knowledge of insect pests and their activities to find them and stop them in their tracks.


Our termite inspectors will look for:

  1. Signs of past and present termite activities.
  2. Conditions that are conducive to pest activities.
  3. Plumbing and electrical issues that could have been caused by termites or other pests.
  4. Cosmetic and structural damage that could’ve been caused by termites or other pests.


Why Inspect?

  • Detect infestations and provide treatment recommendations. Even if you don’t see pests with your naked eye, they could still be present, silently destroying your property.
  • Prevent substantial damage and expensive repair costs.
  • If you are purchasing a property, a termite inspection saves you from throwing money down the drain.
  • Protect the health of a building’s occupants. Pests and their droppings spread disease and can cause allergic reactions.
  • Find vulnerable areas and recommend ways to pest-proof your building.


Our Pest Inspection Process

During a pest inspection, our qualified and experienced technicians will first examine the exterior of your home for evidence of termites, paying particular attention to wood structures for signs of wood-destroying pest damage and water damage.

Then they will focus on the interior, painstakingly inspecting every room. This includes looking along window frames and baseboards for signs of infestation, leaks and damage.


A Pro Termites pest inspection also includes lofts, basements and all outbuildings. During this time, the inspector will make highly detailed notes and take photographs.


Within X hours of the inspection, we will send you a comprehensive report. If an infestation has been found, the inspector will provide you with recommendations for your particular situation.

This could include the application of chemical sprays, fumigation, bait stations and remedial action such as plugging gaps and sealing cracks.


Our Pest Detection Equipment

In addition to a visual inspection, we use the latest pest inspection tools and technologies.


  • Borescope – allows us to see inside wall cavities where termites might be lurking. The inspector will drill a small hole through a wall, and with a tiny camera, will be able to see any live termite activity.


  • Thermal imaging camera – detect moisture and temperature variances that can indicate the presence of pests.

  • Moisture meter
     – an increased amount of moisture is another indicator of a termite invasion. This sensitive apparatus can detect the higher humidity levels that termites require.


  • Microwave detector – this advanced tool emits and detects microwaves to track termites through walls, plasterboard, concrete and other building materials. It works similarly to radar and sonar.


FAQs About Our Termite Inspections


Why do I need a termite inspection by a termite expert?

Termites cause expensive structural damage and infestations are common occurrences. While you can carry out your own inspection, DIY solutions are not a good idea.

Identifying termite species requires specialist knowledge, and if treatments are not applied correctly, termites can survive and just go on to infect other parts of your home. Engaging a pest control company is always recommended.

The technicians at Pro Termites are experts at what they do. They know where and how to check for active infestations, breeding areas and entry points. Once they know the extent of the problem, they will be able to recommend the most effective treatments.


How long does a termite inspection take?

A thorough pest inspection can take approximately one to two hours to perform, but more for larger properties. Because termites are our specialty, we know exactly where to look and what to look for that will indicate the presence of the wood-destroying insects and other pests.


What does a termite inspector look for during an inspection?

The experts at Pro Termites are trained to look for active infestations as well as damage resulting from the action of termites.

Among the things our inspectors look for that indicate termite infestations are mud tunnels, water damage, fungus damage, plumbing leaks and hollowed out wood.


What if no termites are found?

We will provide you with a written statement that no termites have been found on your property. We’ll also advise you on how to keep your home or business premises pest-free.


How often should my property be inspected for termites?

Typically, the most effective way to prevent termite problems is to have your property inspected annually.


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