Learn About Termite Treatment Costs?

Termite Treatment Costs

Termite Treatment Costs

Termite treatment costs in Australia can vary. It is generally between $330 and $2500, depending on the treatment and the circumstance. This is the average cost for a home. To get a better understanding of how costing works and how much you can expect to pay – consider the different treatments;


Treating Visible Termites

  • The Instant Answer 

Instant gratification is always rewarding. The instant treatment is an on-the-spot solution for getting rid of termites on sight. If you are aware of areas that infested with termites, we can come in and treat those specific areas.

If you have encountered termites in a wooden cupboard, we can exterminate them by applying a dust a foam, or another form of termiticide. This is not a long term solution. This termite treatment costs will between $220 and $400. 


  • The long term solution

This treatment takes time to give you the full effect. It’s about exterminating the colony for the long term and preventing further damage from occurring on your property. By using a product that affects them over an extended period of time, we can apply the termiticide into the tunnels and the colony of the termites.

Because they are not repelled by the product, they will further assist by carrying it into their colony. The further it penetrates, the more effectively we can exterminate the entire colony. This may require multiple visits to your property and ongoing applications.

If you pay around $300 to $400, you are not getting a long term solution. Your service providers are probably making use of something that repels the termites. This treatment starts at $2000.

Exterminating Termite Colonies

Exterminating Termite Colonies

Depending on the property and the lay of your house, you might benefit from a baiting station. This is an ongoing service to keep the premises free from termites. You will usually have a 12-month program which entails monthly visits from pest controllers.

You’re usually looking at $2500-$3800 for this service. Minimise the costs by negotiating how frequently you top up your baiting stations. A baiting station contains feeding matter that attracts termites, like rotting wood.

We apply a slow-acting toxin (which is safe for people and animals). A fast-acting toxin will only affect surface ants in the colony, leaving the queen and many workers behind. In fact, research has shown that termites will stop visiting baiting stations if members of the temite colony die. A slow-acting poison ensures they carry the toxin into the heart of the colony and dispersed before it takes effect. 


Termite Preventative Treatment Costs

A termite barrier is only suitable for certain properties due to practicalities. Barrier methods cost around the same as a baiting system, around $2500 – $3500 for an average-sized home. It involves the use of either a chemical deterrent/toxin or a physical barrier under the soil around your home.

A barrier prevents termites from accessing your buildings. Depending on the product used and the labour involved, prices may vary. This method will generally cut your ongoing costs because the effects will remain for up to 8 years. A barrier will only require occasional inspections and minimal labour or top-ups. 

Termite Preventative Treatment Costs


Termite Treatment Costs: A Worthwhile Investment

Termite control is always a necessary aspect of home and property ownership. That said, it’s no one’s favourite item on a to-do list. To make matters worse, it can be quite costly. As a result, termite control is often swept under the rug where underlying issues turn into catastrophes. Termites are a major concern in Australia. The further north you travel, the more prevalent this pest becomes. 

Termites, as many people know, can doom an entire building. What most people don’t know is that it takes place quietly. It’s not visible. 

Sometimes, the first sign of a termite infestation is a wall collapsing, or a wooden floor simply caving in. By that stage, treating the termite infestation is considerably more expensive. It also means the repairs to the building are astronomical. Treating a minor termite presence is better and cheaper than dealing with colossal damage and a major infestation.